Monday, April 17, 2017

the one where I actually write about running

So I'm one of those folks who is still running and doesn't necessarily post about it. I suppose that's because I feel a little silly, we went through all of that trouble to give Mary Jane a name and now I barely mention her. 
I mean, that's totally a good thing, but if all it took was naming her, I would've done that a long time ago.
The last running update was two weeks ago. Whoops. At least I'm better with WILFTB recaps, although, where the heck is Running Nole, who was one of the people who kept asking for it?!?!?!
Anyway, the week of Feb 13-19 looked like this: 
Monday: 3 miles (wrote about that one, a lovely little jaunt around my old stomping grounds)
Tuesday: Tactical Bodyweight Training speed session
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: unplanned rest day - felt like garbage 
Friday: Tactical Bodyweight Training endurance session
Saturday: 3 miles, mobility work
Sunday: 5 miles with running group
Last week I tried to be more realistic with my planning. Work is taking up a good chunk of my energy in a fantastic way that previous jobs never have, but on the flip side, I am drained at the end of the day, and was trying to get in too much for the sake of "following the program", which honestly is just silly. 
Monday: planned rest day
Tuesday: 3.02 miles in 37:18, 12:21 pace
This was a great run because I thought I'd try hill repeats that day. I had recently hung out with some old friends and we were talking about how the one thing I was really good at was hill repeats, and I thought MJ had been feeling good enough that I'd try them out. I had a hill in mind, and did a mile warmup, only to realize that the hill I'd picked wasn't that great because it was curvy and there were lots of people walking and biking that day. So, I kept on, thinking there was another hill coming up, but it was almost another mile by the time I got there. Oh well. 
Thought maybe I'd try for 9 repeats, since it was the number of months that I could not run after surgery. Ended up with 5 because I was totes gassed by then and still had to run back to my car. The first repeat, I started with a grin, looking at the hill as if to say, "Hello, friend, we are going to have fun today". The second repeat, I was doing while an older gentleman was walking and on my way back down, he chuckled and said to me, "You have some gumption." I laughed and thanked him. The third repeat made me question if I could do six more and I thought I'd see how the fourth went. When the fifth felt like I had slowed significantly (and Polar Polly confirmed I had), I thought, that's good. 
It seemed like it was a good workout and choice to stop then and there, when I whimpered out loud when I had to climb a different hill on the way back to my car. Still felt good to do a little work, though. And MJ was just fine - my hip flexor was a little sore, but to be expected.

Wednesday: TBT speed session (tabatas this round)
Thursday: mobility (really need to start running in the morning)
Friday: TBT endurance session 
Saturday: had a community meeting to attend and then lunch with my co-worker and I nearly didn't go for a run, but I figured I could get one in since it was a relatively nice day. It turned into a tempo run and then an impromptu 5K time trial, which came painfully close to my PR. I was really disappointed and talked it out for y'all here: 

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