Friday, February 3, 2017

WILFTB via Twitter

Y'all, I'm going to be honest. I've got some really personal reasons for having a hard time with our peaceful transfer of power (much more than my political beliefs) and I honestly could not care less about dating lessons. 
Also, I had a community meeting and missed part of the show, have no desire to really re-watch it, so I took a shortcut this week and took some lessons from the faithful who like to take their reactions to Twitter. So, I hope this makes up for my lack of sincerity this week. 
Posts on some really amazing runs to follow. 
So here is what Twitter taught me: 
1) When asked to shovel dairy cow manure, relate your dissatisfaction back to the task at hand:
FullSizeRender [5)
2) Stay realistic with your expectations
FullSizeRender [6)
3) Missing out on facts about a former President means we need to take a look at US History curriculum standards.
FullSizeRender [7)
4) Crazy people get jealous?
FullSizeRender [8)
5) Honestly, I just agree with this one: 
FullSizeRender [9)
6) Sometimes, it's best to just be direct when you aren't getting along with your boyfriend's other girlfriends.
FullSizeRender [10)
7) Always be sure to tell a story that may paint you in a poor light in such a way that you still seem adorable. A Southern accent may help.
FullSizeRender [11)
My apologies for phoning it in. I'll be better next week.

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