Monday, November 16, 2015

An unexciting week 9

I don't have a whole lot of anecdotes this week, so I'll skip it. Things are going well.

There is this, though:

Shorty's gettin' low. Next up: Apple bottom jeans and boots with the furrrrrr.

I didn't write it down right away, so I legit have no idea what I did.
I think I just took Jeff for extra long walks that day. And tried to remember to stretch.

PT, followed by stretching
5 miles on ex bike in 15 minutes. I don't believe this is the actual distance I went, but I've realized the bike compensates when you are on a harder level. Apparently, you get rewarded for that stuff.

I was really, really tired from work that day, so I said, "Eliz, go home and snuggle with the dog. And don't forget to stretch."
I snuggled with the dog. Forgot to stretch

PT - Snow was falling that morning, so I left extra early for my 8AM appointment and got there at 7:15. Luckily, there is a coffee shop across the street, so I enjoyed some coffee and watched the snow fall. My therapist was actually late, so I got on the bike while I was waiting for her and found this scene hilarious:
coffee and biking. why not?
2.7 miles on ex bike ... maybe like 17 minutes? I forgot.

Things really got switched up this time around - I'm doing dynamic warmups! So here's the current list of exercises

Quad, hamstring and hip flexor stretches
Use The Stick on quads and IT band
High knee pull
Figure 4 stretch
Standing quad stretch
Frankenstein walk
Walking hamstring stretch
Airplanes (warrior 3)

Single leg bridge 2x12
Side lying lateral raise 2x12
Planks 2x30s - on the first one, I accidentally set the timer for 30 minutes. Oops.
Hamstring curl on ex ball 2x12
Lateral band walks 2x20
Single leg step up 2x15
Calf raises 2x15
Leg press 2x12
Leg curl 2x12
Squats 2x15
Single leg balance 2x45s

I also did 1.1 miles for Col Cupcake's Veteran's Day celebration, but didn't blog about it ... for various reasons. That I don't care to share. Military holidays are weird for me lately.

Upper body weights
4 miles on ex bike (20 min)

20 minutes on elliptical (1.5 miles)

1.75 mile walk with Jeff (40 minutes)

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