Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week of July 27

Last week, when my friend was visiting while his girlfriend was also in town, we were talking about my workout schedule.

If you couldn't tell, I've been in the gym a lot lately. I told him, I got to bed around 9, wake up at 5:20, get to work at 7, work until 4, in the gym until 5 and then home.

He said something that lingered in my brain: "That's not much of a life."

No, it's not. And I'd like to have one. Plus I'd like to not be tired all the time.

So, for the next 5 weeks (omg that's it) until surgery, there will be less gym time, and, at the very least, more playing with Jeff time.


Biked to work in the morning and did some planks in the gym (front, side, back and front on one bent leg).

Other than that, rest day.


10 minute HIIT workout in the morning.

2.87 mile run/walk in the afternoon. This wasn't the best - it was sorta hot (mid-80s) and windy, much like a Kansas spring day. But I forced myself to enjoy it, because in two months' I'm sure I'll be giving anything to run, in any type of weather.


Hip and core strengthening. I have slacked off on this in favor of heaving weights, which is fine, but not it's time to get back to it.

I looked at my life for the next 5 weeks, and I'm sort of excited about it.

This weekend: Hiking dinosaur ridge with Jeff.
Next weekend: Night trail race in Kansas City.
Then the following weekends play out like so:
-Pike's Peak Ascent and Marathon weekend (friends from Minnesota are coming out for it)
-volunteering at the Leadville 100
-Hiking my first 14-er with Team RWB Denver
-home for a long weekend and visit with a friend from Germany who I haven't seen since 2003!


nothing! I am thoroughly enjoying this down week.
Also, Tuesday's run did a (small) number on my hip. It's a little more achy than usual, but don't think for a second I regret it.


... I am writing this on Sunday and I have no idea what I did on Friday. I think I did something .... oh wait! I did HIIT. Enjoyed it.


1.5 hour hike with Jeff. We hit up Red Rocks park and Dinosaur Ridge.


Hip and core strengthening.

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  1. For some reason, I have this mental picture of Jeff happily wagging his tail and carrying a gigantic dinosaur bone in his mouth.