Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week of June 29

I will just let you know now: this was a light week. Traveling will do that.


Drove back from Iowa all in one shot: 617 miles, just under 10 hours, with three stops.
First stop: York, NE (hour 3) for a Jeff and Eliz potty break and a half caf soy latte from Starbucks (my road trip treat).
Second stop: can't remember where (hour 6). This was a combo potty/fuel/clean the bugs off the windshield/find something healthy-ish for lunch in the gas station stop.
Lunch was carrots and celery that I had packed, string cheese and beef sticks. And an unsweetened iced tea. Not the best, but not too bad. And very filling, which was what mattered.
Third stop: Sterling, CO (hour 8) rest stop. One last Eliz/Jeff potty and stretch the legs break.

No matter if I am coming or going that stretch between my apartment in CO and hitting I-80 in Nebraska is painfully long, even though it's only 2 hours. Seriously.


Jump rope HIIT in the morning on my deck. I joyfully discovered I have just enough room to do this.
8 minutes of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. It's been awhile since I jumped.

Had planned some weight lifting for after work, but was just too exhausted. I knew it would be a bad form session if I tried, so enjoyed the extra hour at home with Jeffery. Late night mile long walk after things finally cooled down. We don't have the humidity here, but that sun is close and hot during the day.


Morning run. Had planned to get up at 5:15, but Jeff was snuggly, so we snoozed until 5:40. Then, went for a run/walk/stop and smell the flowers and everything else for 2 miles, about 27 minutes. Interestingly enough, I was at work only 20 minutes later than usual, so that was cool.

Afternoon: hit the weights for chest and tris. Traveling threw life off and, with travel plans again this weekend, I decided to restart Shortcut to Shred next week. I owe myself 6 good weeks of solid workouts and clean eating.


Meh. I was lazy. I admit it.
Some friends from Kansas City were in Frisco for a wedding, so we met up in Golden and did a tour at the Coors Brewery. We had a good time.


At home workout with bands - shoulders, legs, back, biceps. Wasn't into it, but got it done.
Drove up to Breckenridge around noon, along with what seemed to be everyone else who wanted to escape to the mountains that weekend. Took three hours to get to Breckenridge to pick up my shirt and race bib for tomorrow. And because I felt like Jeff needed a good run, we hit up the dog park.


Breckenridge Independence Day 10K Trail Run. Finish time: 1h25min, 42 of 66 in 30-39 AG.

Up early and in town by 6:15 AM. There were people already setting out chairs along the parade route. The parade started at 10 AM. Parade watchers are serious.


Lazy day. Got up early to beat the traffic back from Breck.

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