Monday, July 20, 2015

Week of July 13

Tough week in the gym for me, but got it done. Mostly.


Sunday I went to bed with a headache, which I assumed was due to a caffeine headache, but woke up with a killer migraine. It had been a long time since I felt like that, so took the morning off of work and did some work in the nice, cool darkness of my apartment in the afternoon.

Felt well enough to do a toned-down version of chest and triceps - usually, I do a minute of something to elevate my heart rate (sprints, mountain climbers, jump ropes, kettlebell swings, etc) between each set, but today I just did my cardio between exercises.


Commuted to work in the morning - beautiful ride in and hardly anyone on the path (yay!). Rode home at lunch and then drove back in for the afternoon. The Colorado afternoon showers are almost always when I head home at the end of the day, and not quite ready to face the elements. So, the plan for now is to bike in the mornings until I'm comfortable enough to bike all day. For now, here's to reducing my commuting carbon footprint in half!

After work, mashed two days of shortcut to shred, trying to get back on a schedule that works for when I have access to my work gym and when I do not. The last half of each week requires a lot of cable work, and since my home gym doesn't have a cable machine, I had to rearrange a few days.
So, this day was back/bis/shoulders/legs.

I was tired by the end of it.


Another successful morning commute!

Afternoon weight lifting was chest, tris and abs. I not in the mood to do core work, but wanted to get some good lower ab exercises in the hopes of aiding in a better than average recovery from surgery in the fall.

One of my neighbors was evicted on Wednesday, a couple with a son, who I admittedly didn't know very well. I saw them leaving in a hurry in early in the morning and didn't ask why, but when I came home at lunch and saw the grounds crew carrying what they had left and putting it on the lawn in front of my building, they told me what happened. There were some nice pieces of furniture that I wish I had offered to help them move that morning. I say this because there was a woman who was eyeing that furniture hard core, and by the time I was leaving for work again, she was moving it to an SUV. It took me a long time to realize why this bothered me so much and I realized it was because the look in this woman's eyes was full of greed. I myself have been a greedy person; this usually comes with getting free stuff. I'll take nearly every single free item at race expos, and if they say I can have two, I sure as heck will take two, so I am trying to not be a hypocritical & judgy jerk. But with my job, I see so much greed that I tire of it, and I think simply seeing it live this time, rather than in data, I just took it to heart. I wanted to make a back handed comment, but what good would it have done? None. None, whatsoever. Perhaps she really needed furniture. Maybe she has never had nice furniture before, and I guess everyone deserves to have something nice at least once in their lives. I'm trying to remember that, rather than the look on her face.


Legs felt tired during this morning's commute, but still got it done. The nice thing about Colorado is that we've been having cool mornings lately, so that makes for a nice bike ride. On the way back to my apartment for lunch, I met a gentleman out for a run and couldn't figure out why he was staring at my chest when we passed each other. Then I remembered I was wearing a tank top with a built in bra that was a little more low cut than usual.


My lifting buddy had been absent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I didn't realize how much I missed him until I came out of the women's locker and saw him on the elliptical, warming up. I probably gave him a way too enthusiastic smile, but he sort of smiled back so I am assuming that means he missed me, too.

His presence did nothing for my work out, though. I was just not in the mood, but I got my extended sets (16-20 reps versus 6-8 reps earlier this week) done for shoulders and legs.


Extra tired this morning, so drove in rather than biked.

Really didn't want to lift, but got in back and biceps. Ugh, it was not fun at all, but I did see a new (to me) HGTV show called 'Log Cabin Living' or something like that and there was a couple looking for a cabin in the Front Range. Made me want to get a cabin in the Front Range.


Took a real rest day, except for the part where I was running errands all day and cleaning the apartment, including my bathtub (hate doing that) because a friend was coming into town. But it was good to see him, catch up and learn all about his new girlfriend, for whom he is completely smitten. Adorable. We both made ourselves sick on this gluten free dessert at a restaurant. It was delicious, we both got our own and, immediately after we finished it, agreed we should have shared.


Was not in the mood at all to do anything other than sit on the couch and watch junk TV all day, but I managed to get myself into the weight room for chest and tris. The first half of this week is high weight, very low reps (2-3), so I pushed myself. I believe at the end of this program, I will have to do some one rep max tests, just to see how much strength I've gained.

I had planned on Friday to meet some Loopsters for dinner, but being an a-hole, I completely spaced it. I mean completely. I didn't even remember until the next morning when I was walking Jeff, gasped an expletive and literally face-palmed. Sigh.

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