Friday, June 20, 2014

Hospital Hill Run 5K - Sweating is more fun with friends!

**My apologies for such a tardy race report ... I have no excuse other than writer's block. The words just weren't coming out 'right'.**

I hadn't planned on running Hospital Hill this year. Honestly, last year's experience was terrible. So terrible, in fact, that I didn't even write about it. That race happened about 2 weeks after being dumped by ice cream guy (remember him??) and it was just really hard to be there, knowing he was somewhere in that crowd as well.

In any case, somehow, a good work friend and I worked out a deal that if she signed up for the 5K, I woud walk/run it with her. We could walk as much as she wanted. So ... there I was.

To be honest, I really enjoyed doing this race with my friend. We started out with a nice easy jog, and I kept telling her that whenever she wanted to walk to just let me know. I knew we had to make the 5K fun so that it would be a good experience for her, so that's exactly what I did - I acted crazy every time I saw a camera, making face, jumping around and just having a good time. And that made my friend have a good time, too!

The course was completely different from previous years, since it was being run on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Different and SO MUCH HILLIER! Goodness! We walked most of the second mile, but it was so warm and humid that I didn't mind. Like, really warm and humid. Like, I really stunk from all the sweating I did.

**Side note: does anyone feel like, as their fitness increases, they sweat MORE? is that a good thing? am I just weird????**

At the last stretch, I told her that it was all downhill from here so we could run the rest of it. I did my best to not speed up too fast, but when we could see the finish line, I asked if she wanted to speed up, and we did! It was so much fun whizzing past everyone - and I know it was a big push for my friend. I was so happy for her when we finished. I remember the feeling of finishing my first 5K and what a huge accomplishment that felt like and I hope my friend felt that way, too.

This may be the only summer race I do. I really want to just focus on my training and speed work and really tackle a fall 5k for a huge PR. Of course, there is a trail race next month and I could use another coffee mug (I love KC Trail Nerd race swag!) .....