Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Over the weekend, I technically had 12 on the schedule. However, this coming weekend, I am running the Broadway Bridge Run half marathon (a wonderful race that supports the Missouri Special Olympics), so I traded the 16 scheduled that weekend. Since I missed the 15 the previous weekend, I figured this was an ok trade.

As luck would have it Labor Day gave us a brief reprieve from the sweltering 90* temps we've been having, and I woke up early to a nice, cool morning in the mid-60's.


I've been pretty confident in my ability to tackle whatever distance has been thrown at my this entire training cycle. In fact, the distance is not intimidating to me anymore. The only thing that gets me is how time consuming it is, particularly since I am taking my sweet time. The night before my 16, I asked, "What am I going to think about for 16 miles???"

Somehow, I found something to think about. Mostly I had a handful of songs on repeat in my head. Also, I had a pretty stellar route around Kansas City and was distracted by the beautiful homes, buildings, and interesting characters I encountered along the way.

I got to zoom down a pretty hefty hill, which was super fun, although my hip is a bit cranky. Note to self: when zooming, increase turnover rather than lengthen stride, you idiot. (sigh ....)

Somehow, 9 miles "flew" by. Of course, then the next 3 c-r-a-w-l-e-d by. I suppose that was because it was all uphill (seriously).

I also accidentally found myself in the middle of the start area for a Labor Day parade. There were lots of horses, and I kept worrying that I was going to scare one and get kicked, so I went super slow. My hip appreciated it anyway.

I was getting seriously tired around 14 miles, until I realized that every step I took at that point was longer than I had ever ran before. Amazing how that thought can give you an immediate boost. Plus, I was two miles from the end ... which meant blueberry protein pancakes! Yessss!

In the end, I didn't do my usual run the majority of the last mile. I was tired, so I decided to just reel it in at a nice, steady pace.

Slow and steady finishes the race.


mmmm ... pancakes ... and eggs ... and other yummy food ... 

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  1. I do the song in my head thing all the time, too. It's fine unless I get something from my daughter's dance playlist in there. Then it's torture.