Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Broadway Bridge Run 13.1: Passing Guys in a Tutu is Fun

I've signed up for 7 half marathons in my running career.

Of those 7, I started 5.

Of those 5, I've finished 3.

It's not the best track record in the world, so when I was walking around with tired and sore legs on Friday and Saturday, I was more than a little worried.

But, I stretched, and foam rolled and tried to keep moving as much as possible. I reminded myself that it was going to be insanely hot on race day and that I needed to take it easy anyway.

Race day came, and I got nervous, mostly about being the woman in the tutu, because, honestly, I stood out just a bit:

pre-race, trying to look confident in a tutu
Then, I was jogging to the start, getting looks left and right. Oh well. The nice thing about wearing a ridiculously puffy tutu is that you have plenty of elbow room in the starting corral.

My biggest problem with run/walking in the past has been this need to not walk right away, as if people would judge me and think I'm not serious or something. But honestly, who really wants to be considered serious?

This would be my challenge. And thankfully, I rose to it. Two minutes into the race, I was walking. I was getting passed left and right. And that was A-Ok with me.

Some highlights from the race:

  • It was hot. 
  • It was fun running over a really busy bridge. 
  • I smiled for photos:
    Hi, camera guy!

  • Water stations became the most amazing thing ever. 
  • I was constantly surprised at how "fast" I was going - the majority of my splits were under 13:00, which doesn't happen on training runs. 
  • I killed it on the worst hill of the course, and I credit the run/walk strategy (because I wasn't killing myself in the brutal heat) and the endless hill work I've done during Runner's Edge speed sessions. 
  • I loved running around Liberty Memorial:
    This is the most awesome place!
  • I was amazed at the number of compliments I was getting on my tutu, from police officers guarding the roads to aid station volunteers to my fellow runners. It was awesome. 
  • I took advantage of the downhills and increased my turnover. 
  • Shade was a blessing from Jesus himself. 
  • Passing two guys who had clearly gone out too hard and hearing their guffaws as I steadily cruised on past made me smile. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of fun. 
  • Having my best friend meet me about a half mile out from the finish was exactly what I needed. 
  • Hearing cheers just for me as I rounded the final corner made me smile. 
  • Getting a high 10 from a Special Olympics athlete as I crossed the finish line was a cherry on a great day. 
    Yay! It's over!