Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last week's runs: Red Face, Green Sweat, and Saving a Turtle

Last week was an interesting week.

While there were many wonderful, chilly mornings, I missed out on all of them for various reasons, including fever due to an infected insect or spider bite (who knows what it really was) and being lazy because I was on vacation and I really missed snuggling with my pup in the morning.

So, I set out for run #1 of the week on Wednesday afternoon, around 3 pm, when of course it's the hottest it can be in Kansas. But hey, it was only 85*, who cares if the UV index is 10 and I'm a pasty person? It was almost 100* the week before!

I sunscreened up for a quick 4 miles in the nearby neighborhood, where there would be lots of shade. I even wore my hat because that sounded like it would be better than running glasses.

The run went well ... until I got home and showered and looked at my face. It was, in no exaggeration whatsoever, tomato red.



An hour later, I learned I actually had not forgotten sunscreen, as I glimpsed in the mirror and saw that my face was back to normal. It was so warm, I just got THAT red-faced.

Run #2 was Friday morning. I had planned to go around 7AM ... and finally got around to it around 9:30. Oops.

That day, I was due for 6 and wore my "I can, I will" necklace for a little extra inspiration. Even though it was still relatively early in the morning, I was still a sweaty mess ... sweat dripping in my eyes sweaty mess. That stuff stings! Ouch!

When I finally got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I cursed yet again. My inspirational necklace left it's "mark" with green drips of sweat running across my collar bones. Great. Not sterling silver like I had thought. Thanks Origami Owl.

Run #3 was my long run for the week. Nine miles was on the agenda and I was feeling pretty confident. The run itself was wonderful, and I enjoyed it a lot. I mused over the fact that it was weird how some miles flew by while others dragged on. The last mile still felt wonderful and I attribute it to my Gallowaying approach. Seriously, deciding to run/walk was the best decision I ever made. It takes so much pressure off.

In any case, the only mildy interesting thing that happend on my run was seeing a turtle crossing the path around mile 7. This was a path that had lots of cyclists, so I worried that someone not paying attention would hit the turtle and hurt themselves in addition to the turtle. Or maybe the turtle would have been okay. Who knows. In any case, while it tucked itself safely inside its shell, I picked him up and helped him to the other side of the path.

Then I had to remember to not wipe the sweat of my face with the had that picked up the turtle. Ever heard of Salmonella being associated with reptiles? Oh yeah, it is. Good thing I had hand sanitizer in my car.

So that was my running week.

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