Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Prehab

Yesterday, I tried out a Summer Prehab course offered by the Runners Edge in Kansas City. It's a 6 week course on doing all of those crazy exercises that we are prescribed when we are injured. The concept is to do exercises that strengthen us in 360 degrees, rather than just focusing on the part that hurts.

Although I'm not unfamiliar with these types of exercises, I was introduced to a lot of new ones and it was good to hear from the coach that he had struggled for a long time with a chronic injury and only now feels like he is as close 100% as possible ... after doing these exercises 3 times a week for 4 months.

So what did we do? A lot of band work, with a band around our ankles and taking little steps in all directions, rotational planks, running bridges, drills on the track and galloping in circles (literally). Honestly, I could probably just take what I learned from the trial class and do everything and save a little money, but I like the idea of having a weekly meeting to be held accountable for, and also, it never hurts to meet more runners :)

I plan on returning next Tuesday.

In the meantime, Happy National Running Day! Today starts my official marathon training with an easy 3 mile run. Saweeet.

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