Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Think About During Spin Class


Seriously. That's what I kept thinking about during spin class this morning.

Running in general.
Running the Hospital Hill Run 10K.
Doing speed work.
Wondering if my body can handle weekly speedwork sessions again.
The marathon.
Wondering if I can make it through marathon training.
Wondering if I can make it through the marathon itself.
Wondering what would happen if I had to drop out and then still had 4 days of vacationing in Ireland with my family.
Reflecting on how long 26.2 miles really is when you are on foot.
Again, wondering if the plan I have set in place is going to see me through this year.
Wondering if I've done enough. Knowing the answer is that I certainly could have done more.
What kind of shoes I should get.
If I should get two pairs of shoes.
Is it going to be raining? That will suck. Rain in October in Ireland will definitely suck.

Then ... of course ... the big one: how in the world did I forget to bring gym shoes AGAIN???

Oh well. Great sping class. A former coworker teaches it. She's a friggen fantastic fitness instructor. Fo' realz.

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  1. Well, running is way better than spinning, so I'm not surprised. And even though too much worry is bad, a little bit of worry will help you avoid problems down the road. Just don't psych yourself out!