Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Log

Back at it! Yeah ... Weekly Workout Logs!

Monday: Rest. Yes, I skipped on the running group. It was cold, folks. I see no point in running when it's cold if I'm not training for something.

Tuesday: LiveFit Day 1 (repeated) Chest and Triceps. Those tricep pulldowns get me every time. And those narrow pushups.

Wednesday: LiveFit Day 2 (repeated) Back and Biceps. By the time I'm done with this workout, my biceps are quivering. I feel so BA. (that's badass for you newbies)

Thursday: LiveFit Day 4 Shoulders and Abs. I skipped Day 3 because I knew I needed to hit a real gym, rather than my apartment complex fitness center to get good work in for legs day. My shoulders are wimpy. I was struggling on rear delt flys with 5 lb dumbbells. There is nothing more hilarious looking than a woman my size heaving and huffing with little 5 lb dumbbells. Yes, that was me, folks.

Friday: Date night with Ice Cream Guy. I made chicken, asparagus and sweet potato fries. Then we watched "Tangled". Super cute movie. Well done, Disney.

Saturday: It was my last ass-kicking with Andre. A bittersweet kind of day. Totally fitting however, because I was ready to smack him towards the end. Probably the best workout I've done with him. I may go back when marathon training starts because I just know I'll slack on my strength training with all that running.

That night I went to the Casino to celebrate ICG's Dad's birthday. I'm not much of a gambler, but eventually fed one of the slot machines a dollar. I doubled my money and then lost it all. Oh well.

Sunday: Definitely realized my workout with Andre was a good sub for the LiveFit legs workout. I may have been hobbling.

That's my week in workouts! Also worked on the diet. I have to admit, 5 egg whites with spinach and a bit of quinoa is a fantastic breakfast, and I love that I get to eat every 3 hours on this plan. There is an excellent recipe for Pumpkin Protein Bars on for anyone who is interested. They are tasty and super easy to make!

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  1. Yeah, the weekly logs are back! Pluck won't let me comment over there but I can here. Whoo hoo! Keep up the good work.