Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Workout Log

It's back!!!!

Monday: It was January 7th (that's all I remember).

Tuesday: It was January 8th.

Wednesday: Day 1 of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer ( This was a chest and tricep day. The best part about this program is that you can print off logs for each workout and track things as you go.
The most difficult set of this day: narrow pushups

Thursday: Day 2 of Live Fit Trainer. Back and biceps. I realized my little apartment fitness center wasn't going to make the cut with this program. I did the best I could, but it's hard to do exercises like preacher curls without the right equipment.
The most difficult set of the day: standing biceps cable curl. My arms were dead & it took a lot of concentration to keep doing this exercise properly.

Friday: Day 3 of Live Fit Trainer. Aaaaahhhh! I really do need a gym membership! Made the best of it and came out with a pretty good workout.
The most difficult set of the day: seated leg curl. I had to make do with an on the stomach leg curl and man those were a killer.

Saturday: a marathon day of driving to Des Moines, wedding dress shopping with my BFF from high school (she found the dress!) and driving back. By 7 pm, I hit a wall and just wanted to go to bed. Fell asleep watching "The Graduate" with ICG, who had never seen it (WHAT!??!?! ... I know, folks, I know ....).

Sunday: Decided to start week 1 of the trainer over since I slacked on the diet plan, so I went grocery shopping, cleaned and did laundry instead. Made a video blog with a very special announcement that I hope to get uploaded this afternoon.

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  1. Here's a fun fact: I grew up one town over from the church in the final scene of "The Graduate." (I know it's supposed to be Santa Barbara, but it's not.) When I was a high school runner, I sometimes ran in Dustin Hoffman's footsteps (so to speak) down that same street.
    Can't wait for the video! Is this the one with the bouncing quarter?