Monday, January 21, 2013

A Re-Introduction

I thought now was a good time to re-introduce myself to all those who are "outta the loop" ... or as I like to think of it ... a good time to highlight my blogging life over the last three years.

I originally started blogging on The Loop at ... a wonderful community full of inspiration. My first blog "On the Bandwagon" told the story of how I got started running (it was peer pressure).

It was here that I met many of my running friends who lived all over the country. I met a handful of quirky Southern Californians, another group of Minnesotans, some weirdos from Michigan who run in all sorts of weather, people who run in costumes (yes, even marathons) and even some local runners who I met several times for a run on Saturday mornings - and that's just to name a few

I let everyone know how quirky I was and they answered with the same amount of quirkiness ... if not more. This group knows I've been both heartbroken and the heartbreaker. They know I bought an HD TV soley for the purpose of watching the Olympic Women's Marathon at 5 AM on a Saturday with my running buddies.

I shared my triumphs and my tragedies and my high hopes for a kick ass 2012. The Loop read along as I had training highs and lows ... and the lowest of the lows at racetime: 2 DNFs and 1 DNS. I've made my dog nearly more popular than myself with this crowd and I'm totally ok with that. I've been completely vulnerable and my vulnerableness was welcomed with open arms.

I went 'outta the loop' a few months ago ... thanks to their blogging software known as 'Pluck' (think of all the good puns you can get with a name like that), which is why I'm here, blogging under this name.

I've spent the last half of 2012 and the start of 2013 not running a whole lot, but rather working on strengthening my entire body so that I can stop being an injured runner and simply be a runner. It's been hard work, but I'm finally getting somewhere. Hospital Hill Run will be my comeback run, and I'm so excited to be an offical blogger and share my journey with the HHR community. I hope you enjoy the ride.

I'll do my best to tag relevant blogs with "Hospital Hill Run", but I tend to get a bit air-headed the busier I get ... so forgive me.

Until next time ...
love to all.