Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

This week was a tough week for me, as I had been fighting a stubborn migraine since Thanksgiving. Part of it was my fault (got lazy about reading food labels) but I'm still certain at least 50% was due to something beyond my control. I actually broke down on Friday & was at the doctors office in a fit of tears, but we did come up with a solution that hopefully will make my life more than livable again.

In any case ...
Monday: BodyRockTV's unapologetic sweat workout + Operation: Gun Show
            **this one was ok. I mean, it was good, but I think I'm getting bored with my BodyRock workouts. Just means it's time to switch things up again, I guess.

Tuesday: Killer migraine today. It was pretty awful.

Wednesday: Still wasn't feeling the best but managed to crank out the randomabs workout of the day and an Operation: Gun Show workout.

Thursday: did about 40 minutes of yoga on my own. I thought it would help the migraine a bit. It didn't really, but the yoga still felt good.

Friday: It was date night with ICG so I made some vegetarian chili (apparently it wasn't hot enough ... whatever) and then we went to see Skyfall. I so heart James Bond.

Saturday: Another good workout with my trainer. I worked so hard, I had to stop and think about what came next in the last circuit I did. It's been a long time since I've hit "workout stupid".  

Sunday:Yoga again. Apparently, I've missed doing yoga. A lot.
I also met up with an old running friend for coffee and shopping at H&M. We talked about races that we might do in 2013, and she invited me to join the Monday night running group. This one pretty much meets up and does a quick 30 minute run so they can have beer and food without feeling guilty. Sounds like the group for me! I said I would be there, unless it was really cold. (Preview for next week's workout log: it was REALLY COLD on Monday. Oh well)

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  1. Skyfall: good date movie. Mrs. AB always clutches my arm during chase scenes, especially the ones on top of trains. But she did have a point when she said, "Why did M need a flashlight when there was a giant bonfire raging less than a quarter-mile away?"