Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

FINALLY! Getting back on track ... it feels good, folks, it feels good.

So here's what I did this week:

Monday: Rest. No real excuses, I just felt lazy.

Tuesday: BodyRock's Don't Wake me Up Workout plus Operation: Gun Show Tuesday workout
     ***this was a quick 8 minute workout, but super good. The 20 tricep dips afterwards were a killer, because my legs were shaking.

Wednesday: Random Abs and Operation: Gun Show Monday workout
     ***OMG this random abs was tough! I couldn't believe how hard I was working! And I really love the OGS Monday routine. I feel so BA when I finish 3 rounds of tricep pushups. 

Thursday: Ummm .... I got my hair done. And then I hung out with Ice Cream Guy. Whoops.

Friday: I left work late, Ice Cream Guy left work early and we were scheduled to drive to Tulsa for the big ball. I got in a round of pushups. Meh.

Saturday: Drill Sergeant Mom workout on my HIIT Trainer App. I though it was appropriate for the weekend :). Also did a few rounds of curls and kickbacks and some stability work for my knees and hips. That hotel gym was a pretty awesome gym, actually ...

Sunday: I had every intention of working out on Sunday. That was until we went to a bar Saturday night. Did you know there isn't a clean indoor air policy in Tulsa? Or Oklahoma? I smelled so bad Sunday morning, there was no way I was going to make myself sweat while smelling that bad.

I know. Crappy excuse. It was a fab weekend, though. I'll tell ya all about it later.

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