Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Recap of Trotting on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving this year was different from the past ... oh 15 or so years.

This was the first time in all of those years that my immediate family celebrated in my hometown in Iowa, rather than traveling to my mom's hometown in Minnesota.

This was the first holiday without my bad-ass Grandma.

Before Thanksgiving, my dad made a comment to me during a phone conversation that we wouldn't have much to do.

Really, it was almost like a challenge: find something to do!

So, I found a local Turkey Trot, and encouraged the entire family to attend. In the end, it was an event shared with my siblings, while the parents stayed home, cooking. And Jeff joined us, too!

I knew it was a small race, and thought maybe this would be the race for me to place in my age group, but I also knew that I was still feeling pretty tight in the hips while running, so it wouldn't be a speedy race.

My brother is 6'4" and a former cross country runner, so I knew he was going to be quick, even at his old age of 31 (hehehehe). My sister signed up for the walk and volunteered to wrangle Jeff, so I was left to just feel things out.

The race wasn't chip timed and I didn't bring my Garmin - did I mention it was only 2 miles? So when the whistle blew, I just set out at my usual comfortable pace. Then I decided I could go a little faster. Took out a few gals that I thought might be in my age group (yes!). About a half mile in, the tightness crept up, and for the first time, I noticed how it affected where my foot landed (a tight left hip made my left leg come in at a much sharper angle than my right) and there I was, half running like a runway model.

Since the course was an out and back, soon the speedy kids were heading back towards the start/finish and there was my brother.

We totally high-fived.

In any case, I eased up a little, but still managed to keep whoever was chasing me (she was a heavy breather) behind me ... until the turnaround. When we got there ... SHE TOTALLY TURNED IN FRONT OF ME!

"CHEATER!" I screamed in my head, "YOU ARE A CHEATER!"

However, I soon realized it didn't matter because I needed to give my hip a stretch. She would've passed me anyway.

She was still a cheater.

 As I was heading back, I met my sister, who was wrangling a very excited Jeff (runners do that to him). So, I took him and we bounded off. Man, that dog can pull hard for being only 15 pounds! It wasn't long before we had the finish in our sights and I did my best to pick things up so I came in at a decent clip - no sprinting, mind you (I had pretty much assumed there were at least 5 ladies in my age group who had already finished) - but a decent clip. I finished in 25 something .... 27 something ... I don't really know. It wasn't fast. But then again, I wasn't focused on being fast. I just went out there and ran. I actually forgot to pull off the tab on my race bib to give to the finish people and didn't do anything until my brother reminded me that I should. Oops.

So, I went back and said "I forgot to give this to you, but I don't really care how I place ... so whatever." They laughed.

My brother ended up 2nd overall and 2nd in his age group. We had expected him to get 1st in his AG because the guy ahead of him ... well, was also in his AG. But, they gave him both awards. I was just kind of minding my own business when I hear my name.

Uh, really?
Wait, seriously? There was only 1 other person in my AG? In the 20-29 AG, there were only 2 people running the 2 mile?

Well DAMN! I'm running this race every year! Next year, though, I hope to run it faster than Army requirements. For the dudes.

Picking out my AG prize

I'm #1?? Ok!

Sibling photo with the Turkey. Boo. Yeah.


  1. Congratulations! All the more reason to work out that flaw in your stride, keep up with your running and bring it up to par with all that other BA stuff. I hope Jeff did well in his AG; I wonder if they did it in dog years.

  2. Congrats on your finish!

    I like the photo with the turkey.

    Dee Anna