Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

Still haven't gotten back into the routine of saving this as a draft and editing it throughout the week.
Bad, Eliz, bad.

On the other hand, as I'm trying to remember workouts from the week, I reference it in terms of what Ice Cream Guy and I did.
Awesome, Eliz, awesome.

ho-kay. Here. We. Go.

Monday: BodyRock's Hot Dirty Lust workout. I believe I have done this one before. Still like it. Still challenging. Woo-hoo!

Tuesday: Superhero workout on my HIIT trainer app. It was pretty funny, as all the demo pictures were done by people dressed in PowerRanger costumes. I get the feeling Superheros workout harder than this one, though.

Then Ice Cream Guy cooked me dinner.

Wednesday: Uhhh ... I cannot remember. It was Halloween. That's all I know.

Thursday: BodyRock's Nothing but Sweat workout. This was one I had avoided before because it uses equipment I don't have. But I rocked it anyway & glad I did. This is also a good one.

Then Ice Cream Guy and I went for sushi and gelato. Yum and yum.

Friday: random abs, plus 2 rounds of pushups and squats, because I felt like it.
     *** random abs that day SUCKED. Oh Em Gee.

Then I cooked Ice Cream Guy dinner.

Saturday: the epic ass kicking. I'm still sore.

Sunday: about an hour of yoga, loosely following something I found on Pinterest. It's been well over a year since I stopped my Friday night yoga classes when I moved to a different city and I still miss them. Sigh.

I really need to get a few runs in. I plan on doing another 5K in two weeks and then a 2 miler on Thanksgiving morning. Suddenly, I got rich and can afford all of these races. Not sure why I think that, but oh well.

Ice Cream Guy is doing the 5K with me. =)


  1. Hmm, Ice Cream sounds interesting.

    Your workout schedule is tough, I admire you.

    As a comment to your last post, I keep waffling on the idea of a trainer. I know that I should be able to kick my own ass but I don't often enough.

    Dee Anna

  2. You're working off a lot of ice cream. Try not to embarrass Ice Cream Guy in the 5K! Enjoy!