Thursday, November 1, 2012

I don't usually celebrate Halloween

I'm not really the Halloween "type".

I blame it on a really frightening haunted house experience when I was in kindergarten. Not even the security of holding my dad's hand made me feel any better about that stupid haunted house.

And then there's the stress of finding a costume. I'm terrible at costumes and then "having" to participate in the costume contest at the community center ... GAH! It was more than this little girl could handle.

But hey, now I'm almost 30 and a runner and there was a 5K that was part of a Holiday Run series nearby. I had to sign up, you see. Then I figured it was the perfect excuse to re-use a tutu from a spring 5K that I ran with some girlfriends.

It always starts with a tutu.

As the big 5K day drew near, the clown in a tutu idea just kind of seemed ... meh. Luckily, Pinterest and Real Simple saved me with a clever last minute costume idea. So I left my apartment that morning thinking I had a really fun costume. I didn't realize that not many people would get it and everyone would just stare at my chest with furrowed brows.

In any case, I still smiled for the camera man:

I think I look very much like a Fork in the Road, but I guess it was too cold that morning for people to think that hard.

The best part of this costume was that I could still wear it to work on actually Halloween, and still look pretty darn cute:

My co-workers appreciated the 'joke' a lot more. I kept getting visitors who were sent to see my costume, but they weren't told what I was. So, I guess I still got some furrowed-brow stares, but I also got lots of laughs after they figured it out.

Ice Cream Guy liked it, too.


  1. I was waiting for the latest scoop on Ice Cream Guy. When they like your Halloween costume, that's a good sign! I liked it, too, by the way.

  2. Steve (RunningPlaces9919November 3, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    Well, I saw it right away. Fork in the road. People must have been sleeping. Nice costume and cool that it could double for a night out.