Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

Ugh, still slacking on keeping these updated. It's really hard to remember workouts a week after they happened.

Monday: BodyRockTV's Refreshing & First Date workouts.

I don't remember much about them, except they were hard. Yay.

Tuesday: HIIT app's Olympic Challenge workout.
Still super hard.

Wednesday: HIIT app's Autumn Abs workout. This app has a featured workout every week. This one was 30 minutes of ab workouts. @#$^@$@#$@#%

I may or may not have ruined all that work for ice cream with a cute guy. Who's really funny. And totally knocked the socks off of my feet. I can neither confirm nor deny this. (!!!!!)

Thursday: I took one of my old roommates out for her birthday. This was the first time in I don't know how long that I had 3 alcoholic drinks in one night. I slept horribly, but it was worth it. I love catching up with my roommate.

Friday: Random abs workout of the day.

Saturday: Halloween Hustle 5K. It was colder than a witch's boob in a brass brassiere. Like, it was really cold. I learned I don't do well in really cold conditions. Even though I completed my warmups a minute before the gun went off, my easy pace didn't allow for me to stay warmed up. So it took half the race to get warmed up again.

Used this race to focus on not running like I'm working the friggen runway, so I took things super slow. Finished in 36 and change, not my slowest 5k, but certainly tons slower than my fastest.

I miss just being able to run. And being 100% healthy. Sigh.

Sunday: I walked around an art museum for 2 hours, except for the part where I stared at the most beautiful Monet for 5 minutes. Guess who was with me. (!)