Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

I don't know if anyone reads these, but I've been guiltily silent on workouts the past few weeks because I've been a lazy lazy lazy lady.

The week after the 10 Mile, I did almost no working out. I was just so ... over it that week. I think I did maybe one day of random abs ... and then spent most afternoons using Jeff & the dog park as an excuse to not do anything.

Ugh, I felt like a slob.

This past week, I did a little better:

Monday: random abs

Tuesday: BodyRockTV's workouts from Monday (They seem to post later in the day than I want to workout ... and I want to workout around 5pm. I know, right?). I'm almost embarrassed to say the names of the workouts, but here they are: Hot Dirty Lust and Sexy Coregasm.

I know.

They were super tough, though! I definitely got my ass kicked.

Wednesday: rest day. Mostly because BodyRock had a workout that involved equipment I didn't have & I didn't want to think about how to modify it.

Thursday: BodyRocks' Nothing but Sweat Workout. I did sweat.  A lot.

Friday: .... I can't remember. I probably did nothing. Actually, I don't remember anything I did Friday night. Great.

Saturday: I spent the morning volunteering at the Kansas City Marathon. I did a video blog about it, but haven't posted it yet. I'll try to do that today.

Sunday: Olympic Challenge Workout on my phone HIIT trainer app. That one is always a beast.

There you have it. Trying to get out of my lazy person funk. This week, I'll need to get one or two runs in, being that I have a 5k next Saturday. Whoops.


  1. You post it. We read it.
    That's how it works right? Right!
    Good for you getting back to it.
    Dosman Runner