Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

Um .... I have no idea what I did the past week. Usually I'll update this post every day and just save it in draft until Monday ... and now it's already Wednesday. Uff da.

Monday: I did something ... I just can't remember what. I really promise, I did do something! Now that I'm thinking about it ... maybe I at least got some random abs in??? Does that sound familiar???

Tuesday: BodyRocks Seriously Wild Core Workout.
        ***I don't remember a lot about it, but I'm sure it was wild. It had my new favorite ab move.

Wednesday: I started doing BodyRock's workout of the day, but then I quit. I realized I really don't like the workouts Sean does. So I did a ZWOW (another 12 minute HIIT workouts), which was pretty BA.

Thursday: My long-lost friend flew in from Philly. I was at her parents' place the entire night and skipped a workout, completely guilt free. "Family" is so much more important.

Friday: I drove to Minnesota. That is a workout in itself. I hadn't packed enough snacks and that last 45 minutes of the drive, my blood sugar was low enough that every other word was the f bomb. My dog was scared.

Saturday: I had every intention of getting an HIIT workout in. I even packed my shoes, my booty shorts, a sports bra and a tshirt just for working out. Then see what happened Sunday. I should've gone for the HIIT workout.

Sunday: A spur of the moment TC 10 Mile. I made a rash offer to run with a friend who wasn't going to run because of a slightly banged up knee, never thinking she would actually take me up on the offer. And because 1) I'm an idiot and 2) I'm a people pleaser and my friend was so excited to know that she was running again, I did it. I love that course, but I shouldn't have been out there. I'm lucky I've done so much BodyRock because otherwise I would have really screwed myself up. And then I also upset the person whose bib # I ran under which I still feel just terrible about. All in all, it was definitely in the top 5 most stupid things I've ever done.

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  1. Jeff's a big dog so he can hadle all the f-bombs.
    Seriously need a video blog of Eliz's top 5 stupidest things she's ever that you have our interest peaked.
    Dosman Runner