Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

This was an awful showing of a workout week for me. I keep forgetting to blog about the new diet, but I got lazy with my meals and my lack on energy when it came time to workout showed. I'm never doing that again. Being lazy about my meals, that is. 

Monday: ugghhh ... I'm trying to remember what I did! BodyRockTV's BodyRockers Group Sweat. Apparently they asked people to send in videos and then they got to "lead" a workout with one of the BodyRock people. There was like 5 minutes of introductions that I could have gone without. Then I did randomabs.
        ****This was one of the toughest workouts I've done with them so far. I'm not quite sure why. I cheated a little on my diet & had potato chips and perhaps that's why I was feeling a little sluggish. I know it sounds silly, but I'm starting to really believe all the health freaks that say what you put into your body really matters.

Tuesday: huge project that HAD to get done took over my evening. The only time I wasn't in front of my computer  from 5 until 10 was when I took Jeff to the dog park and when I was cooking. Sigh.

Wednesday: still working on the project and it was date night. Looking back, I'm a little irritated that I skipped a workout to go have dinner with the side-hugger.
Ok, ok, so he actually is a good guy. Clearly, we just have different ideas of what we want out of life ... or something like that. With what he does and how much he loves it (teacher & coach), I can't judge him harshly. Still ... a side hug?

Thursday: BodyRockTV's Sexy Girl on Fire workout. Personally, I think this was a fail on the name of the workout, but the workout itself was a butt-kicker. I love workouts by this host, Lisa. She's the outlandish one with the amazing abs and big fake boobs that really polarizes people. But I love her workouts and that's what matters. Besides, who am I to judge about big fake boobs? I've never had small boobs, so I don't know what I feels like to have "almost A's". I imagine it's about the same as having to wear a bra in 5th grade before anyone else and having people tease you for that. Thank goodness that doesn't last nearly as long as always having small boobs does.
And I think I also did random abs.

Friday: nothing. I was lazy.

Saturday: my run in the way awesome room was all I got in. I don't know what was up with me over the weekend, but I had no motivation.

Sunday: again, nothing. Blah. But this picture makes me feel better.


  1. Is that a side hug Jeff's giving you?

  2. Looks like Jeff can turn any blah week into a good day! And....even a shy person has got to be willing to hug straight-on!