Thursday, October 18, 2012

Like a Runway Model

For those of you who remember my wicked awesome experience running on a treadmill surrounded by infrared lights (or some kind of red light that tracks my body movements on a computerized, stick version of myself) ... you'll have noticed that I haven't said anything about the results.

Well, I got them last Saturday, when I went to see Tom to get all of the tightness worked out from the winged 10 Miler. After my incredibly long-winded version of why I was momentarily crazy, we got to talking about my superhero-esque run.

Apparently, when I run, my feet cross over the imaginary center line of my body. So literally, I'm running like a model walks the runway. IMAGINE THAT! No wonder my hips and IT bands and knees are all out of wack when I up the mileage.

I rarely quote the Simpsons, but "DOH!!"

So, now when I run, I actually have to think about what I'm doing, rather than spacing off and thinking about, oh I don't know ... how Duchess Kate and I would totally be BFFs if we lived in the same city or how the guy I eventually marry is going to laugh his head off when he learns how much wedding planning I've already done or how wonderful it's going to feel when I finally cross that finish line in Dublin in just over a year. Ugh, instead I have to think about where I put my feet!

BUT ... don't you think this means I'm qualified to model for Nike or Brooks or Asics? I mean, I run AND I can work the runway without a second thought. Plus, HELLO, I have style. And swagger. And you just can't teach any model that stuff.

(ps - I was so going to include a funny runway model picture of myself, but it just didn't work out. As in the pictures looked really really bad)


  1. Glad you have an answer as to why you're hurting while running. I'm guessing that you'll need a new mantra to keep you running with the right form. Good luck I hope this helps you run pain free.

  2. I can totally see you as a runway model. And I heard Kate's sister is a runner, so maybe you should have her meet you in Dublin and run the race together. It's a perfect BFF kind of activity.