Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

Week three of the Weekly Workout Log series.
Exciting stuff, eh?

Monday: BodyRockTV's Twelve Minute Madness workout. A smorgasbord of their toughest intervals. It was 12 minutes of madness.

Tuesday: BodyRockTV's Twelve Minute Magic and Play Hard Abs workouts. Hello, deep burn.
       ****I'm getting better at pushups! This is super exciting!
      ****Doing tuck jumps for 30 seconds for as fast as you can really sucks. Like, really. Sucks.
       ****Also, want a deep ab burn? Try this move 25x:
                              -lay on your back, legs straight, arms above your head, holding weights
                              -do a full sit up with legs extended
                              -as you go back down, bring your legs up to 90* and do an extra crunch,
                                  reaching hands to toes
                              -go back to start.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Took Jeff to the dog park. He played so hard he threw up water. Great. That's my dog. He also chases other dogs, with a tennis ball in his mouth, while barking. Loudly. That's also my dog. Needless to say, he was a little pooped:
Thursday: went for a run on the trails with Jeff. See "Epiphany" for the deets. It felt great to run. Then I did a round of abs prescribed by my ART guy.

Friday: BodyRockTV's We are Never Getting Back Together workout. I'm reluctant to admit I cut it off a minute early. I was exhausted from the week, and don't think I'd had enough calories to get through it properly. And then I tried the Girl on Fire yoga (also BodyRockTV) and wasn't feeling it either. So I played with Jeff instead. 

Saturday: for all intensive purposees, a rest day. I did clean the house, including scrubbing the kitchen and bathrom floors, but my arms weren't even a little tired after that. Either BodyRock is really working or I didn't scrub hard enough.
Jeff also got to go to the dog park. Not as many dogs this time, so he wasn't as tired. He still managed to cover the entire area, though, so I got a bit of walking in =)

Sunday: Sunday Runday. I didn't set an alarm, so missed the running group, but set out on a "trail" of sorts - one of the rails to trails that'ts crushed gravel. I got about 30 minutes in and it was ... eh ... not a sufficient substitute for trails, I guess.

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