Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Workout Log

I'm trying a new thing, the Weekly Workout Log. Hopefully this will keep me accountable. I'm tired of my wobbly bits and allowing my 30-life crisis to motivate me to cutting fat & getting rid of the wobble. 

Monday: BodyRockTV's Hot Leg Show workout
           ****literally, sweat was dripping off of my nose. It was awesome. Also, this was the first time I felt brave enough to do some of the plyometric work.

(me, all sweaty after only 12 minutes - boo yeah)

Tuesday: BodyRockTV's Lean Lovers workout
          ****Another doozie. I was huffing and puffing. I have been constantly amazed with these HIIT workouts. Something that seems pretty easy, like squatting & then jumping, following by 5 high knees, can get so tough after about 30 seconds.

Wednesday: BodyRockTV's Less is More Workout & random abs
         **** Only a  4 minute workout, which I could have done twice through, but somehow I knew my form was going to SUCK in round 2. So I went to random abs & did their WOD. Definitetly felt it the next morning.

Thursday: you guessed it! Another BodyRockTV workout. This one: Sexy Beast. Boo. Yeah.
        *****I did full out burpees for the first time during this workout - with tuck jumps! It was exhausting. And wonderful. Then I did a little bit of yoga to work on my hamstring & calf flexibility.

Friday: Surprise, surprise, BodyRockTV. I seriously love this place. I've never pushed myself so hard using "workout videos". The trainers are super awesome. This workout focused on abs, which I need to work so much more than I do. Name of workout: Tease it
        ****you know that super deep burn? I rarely get it in my abs. They usually just hurt. But this time, super deep burn. Holy. Hell. 

Saturday: Jeff & I took a super long walk around the Nelson Museum Sculpture Garden in KC. I love that place. It's our new Saturday hangout. Then we took another super long walk that afternoon on the trails that go through my apartment complex. And then I did random abs while I watched When Harry Met Sally.

Sunday: Sunday RUNday - a free group run that a Loopster had suggested a few (ok 15) miles south of me. It is a bit of a drive, just for a run, and I pulled in just as everyone was taking off so I was the straggler, but I did catch up with two really great ladies who were telling me about all these awesome running groups that are good for marathon training. I ran much farther than I had intended, but I'm glad I went, even if I turned back before anyone else & didn't feel like hanging around like a weirdo so I could join the group for breakfast. Maybe next week.