Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Circus, People Clad in Next to Nothing, and Races

... that got you reading, didn't it?

My weekend was a pretty rockin' weekend. It was the first time in a long time that I had something going on every day. I'm so not used to that - usually I have one day that is pretty "dull" and allows me to get some errands done without feeling guilty about leaving Jeff at home.

Not this weekend!

First, Friday in general was a red lipstick kind of day. I'm not quite sure why it requires a certain sense of security in order for a woman to wear red lipstick, but it seems to. I would like to get to a point where every day feels like a red lipstick kind of day. I think I look quite good, don't you? 

Friday night, I got to be a kid again when I went to the circus! Did you know there are musical numbers at the circus these days? Right?!?!? It had been a long time since I had that much fun going to any type of live show. The stunts were amazing - I was very nearly biting my nails in anticipation watching the tight rope walkers, some guy catapult across the Sprint Center while on fire (!), and other acrobatic tricks. I giggled at the clown acts and loved watching the tigers (seriously, how in the world do they get them to sit still like that? I need to get Jeff do to that!)

A few pictures (courtesy of my 2-year old phone, I really should get a new camera):

The opening act.

The elephants!

Seriously, the guys on these things were insane to watch. One did a flip on the outside while the thing was still swinging around.

How many clowns does it take to change a light bulb?
The finale, complete with confetti.
Saturday night, one of my good running friends was competing in a fitness competition - the Natural KC Classic. She had spent the previous 6 months getting ready for a really long day, so I wanted to support her by whooping and hollering as she strutted her stuff on stage in nothing by a teeny bikini. And she did great! She looked amazing (and folks, she's a momma of 5!) and got first place in one of her divisions and fourth in another! I'm so proud of her!
Sorry folks, no pictures. 

Sunday morning, two of my friends were running a 10K in Kansas City and another friend was tackling her first marathon in Illinois. I couldn't be in Illinois, but I was up early to cheer at the 10K. I'm the type of person that has to cheer for everyone. I don't know how some people can just stand there and stare as runners go by, especially when you know they could use a little encouragement. So, I clap and yell until my throat gets scratchy and then clap and yell some more. It was an overcast morning, but super sticky, so I know it wasn't the most pleasant of runs for everyone. I even got another friend to clap and yell with me, which made it even more fun! We actually had several people come up to me after the race and thank us for cheering. And our friends did awesome! Both had finishing times faster than they thoughts - and two shiny new PRs! I'm so proud of them!

A third friend became a marathoner Sunday morning - some of you know her as ber94 on the Loop. She ran her first marathon in 4:16, which is an amazing, AMAZING time! I'm so proud of her!


  1. You are an amazing support squad for sure!!! Maybe you could invest in a cowbell!!!

    1. Haha, I should! It would certainly be cheaper than a vuvuzela.

  2. I am still bummed that my cowbell connection fell through. My voice was a bit scratchy after but it was worth it. YAY for runners!

    Dee Anna

  3. Eliz - I'm enjoying your VLOLGS. Thanks for posting. I'm getting these through email, but commenting "Anonymous". Glad you are enjoying the trail runs... John (john227)

  4. Can't believe you can be so supportive while having a blah feeling about running lately. Good for you! Enjoyed the new video bloop on the Loop. Better be careful calling trail runners nerds though :) Have a great weekend. RunningPlaces9919