Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remember these?

Running-Related Resolutions:
1. Stop accepting “good enough”. Push for better.
2. Don’t be a wimp. Run outside.
3. Give yourself time goals. Make them public.
4. Try to not get your butt kicked when you are running in Broncos colors during the 39.3 Series. And don’t lose a bet with Shaun again.
5. Since I don’t feel like I’m physically able to run every day without flare-ups of tendinitits, workout every day. At the very least, do the 10 minute P90X ab video. Yowza.
Not Running-Related Resolutions:
1. Be a better manager of my financial life. This, in turn, will let me do more fun running stuff.
2. Seriously cut down sugar intake. There is no need to go 50 grams over on your calorie and nutrient tracker every day.
3. Make more meals at home. From scratch. I can do it.
4. Don’t be afraid of 29 and not married (this actually might be my easiest one, thanks to you all).
5. Give people a chance. A real one. Not everyone I meet is going to let me down. Or break my heart.
Running-Related Goals:
1. Progressively PR during 39.3 series.
2. Keep up with strength and cross training. Strength twice a week, swimming once a week, yoga once a week.
3. Get to as close to a 2:00 13.1 as possible by the end of the year.
4. Run a marathon (?!?!?!) faster than Kate Gosselin (sub-4:59)
5. sub-60 min 10K
Suffice it to say, these went to hell in a handbag. A really expensive one. It's time to re-evaluate. Actually, the re-evaluation has been long overdue. 
So what can I do with the last quarter of 2012? 
  • I can still not be a wimp and run outside. 
  • I can still try to get some type of workout in every day, at the very least, a quick ab workout. 
  • I can still keep up with the cross training. Since I'm in cross-training with some running on the side mode, this is pretty easy right now. Hopefully I can stick with it when I decide I want to run more. 
  • I may still have a chance at a sub-60 10K. There is a Healthy Holiday Run Series in the area, and my goal is to be able to participate in all 3 - which have a 5K and a 10K event. Since the first one is Halloween, I'll be running in costume for the first time (as a clown, so I can re-use that tutu I made for the 5K in March), so that should be fun. I would like to do the 10K in both the Thanksgiving and Candy Cane races, but we will see what happens. 
My non-running related resolutions are actually pretty good. I've switched to a clean eating lifestyle, so the more meals at home thing is in full force. More about that later.

I'm not gonna lie, I already have big plans for 2013. But you'll have to wait for the usual end of the year recap to hear those plans =) 


  1. Have you gone to the O.P. clinic yet? I went on Saturday and from that figured out that my right hip is way less mobile and stable than my left, which is obviously why my ITB is flared up. I'm curious what kind of feedback you'd get.

  2. The clown shoes are going to make that one a tough race to PR on. I'd lower the bar there a bit.
    Re-using the tutu works right into your better managed financial life. Good job Eliz
    Dosman Runner

  3. I didn't see SDRD on the list! Unless you have other plans, set your alarm and I'll see you tomorrow!
    Pi Runner Bryan