Friday, September 28, 2012

I won't apologize for it

I went on a date a few nights ago.

And then he didn't call.

Well, ok he didn't call the very next day.

Honestly, I don't expect him to call. I got a side hug at the end. A side hug

But I'm not surprised. Every time I mentioned something about myself over dinner, I'd get this look. Like he was trying to figure me out. Or like he was surprised that he was out with someone who would say that.

For a few hours, I fretted. Worried.

I shouldn't have said that.
Maybe I should have worn something else.

And then, I realized, it's not my problem.

So guess what?

I like to wear light pink scarves with white polka dotted black shirts.
I like my light pink nail polish. Hell, I like pink.
I like watching TV. I think hard all day long & it's nice to have mindless entertainment.
Yes, I'm a crazy dog person. My dog is awesome. He's fun, and he's what I come home to right now. Any other single person with a dog is like that. I promise you. You would be like that, too if you had a dog. 
I have no idea what the people in the small town where I grew up would say. I really don't.
I don't care if you've owned 2 houses in the past. In this economy, it's still a big deal to me when someone buys a house. So I will tell them congratulations.
I have no trouble admitting I have overpaid for a few things in the past. Namely, hair services.
I don't care if Mizzou wins or loses. I don't even really care if my Gophers win or lose. I don't follow sports. But if I'm at the game, in the stands, I'll care then. That's when they can hear me yelling, anyway.
No, I'm not going to talk about anything that I'm passionate about on the first date. Because the things that really get me riled up are taboo, political topics.
Yes, I'm an airhead at times. It happens. As I said before, I think a lot at my job. I turn off half of my brain after 4:30.
When I'm nervous, weird stuff comes out of my mouth. Awkward pauses happen while I'm trying to unscramble my thoughts. First dates make me nervous. Stop looking at me like that.

I'm not sorry. I don't feel bad. All of that up there? That's me. And honey, that's just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. It's too bad that he's such a moron. Any person would be lucky to have you as a mate, just saying. Well, just keep being amazing with Jeff and you'll find "the one" at some point. A side hug??? *ugh*

  2. shouldn't have to apologize for who you are or be worried about how you come across to anyone. If you are yourself and that is a turnoff to a guy, then he isn't worth your time anyway. Keep Jeff happy for now. That great guy will appear sometime.

  3. Be who you are, love who you are, expect to be loved for who you are, anything else is disasterous!
    Pi Runner Bryan

  4. Well, the other half of your brain publishes a pretty righteous blog. Although you sometimes remind me of painful memories from my own single years, it's all going to be worth it when we eventually get to see your wedding and baby pics. Keep the faith!

  5. Don't EVER change who YOU are ELIZ.
    I too shut my brain off somewhere a little later than 4:30.
    Never apologize for who you are.......stay true to your amazing self.
    Dosman Runner