Sunday, September 30, 2012

I felt like I was in a Sci-Fi movie

Over the weekend, I had an office visit with my ART therapist, also known as New Guy. I suppose at this point I can call him Tom, since he's not really new anymore.

Tom still works in the same office as the Hot Canadian, but also started working at an office in the Kansas City area on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The extra-special appeal of the Kansas City office is that they have a room.

A room.

This is a super swank room, with an area sectioned off that holds a treadmill. This treadmill is at the center of about 6 infra-red cameras that essentially allow for an advanced gait analysis.

So ... I go to my appointment and walk into this room ... it's all dark, except for this erie red lighting.
I am directed into the area with the treadmill, which is all white, except for the treadmill and the lighting is casting even more eire red shadows everywhere.

I end up having to put on a jacket because the sensors are having a hay day with my bare arms.

And this jacket was the bomb.

At first, it appears to be a normal black running jacket ... until you get to the finger holes! They are the best finger holes ever! There were 3 - one thumb hole and two for your fingers. This made the backs of my hand covered too, and with my black leggings, I kinda felt like the Black Widow. BAM!

Side note: Ok, so I guess that really means I felt like I was in a Marvel Comics movie, but I'm not dwelling on technicalities. 

So back to the actual gait analysis. Essentially, I did a lot of T-stands to make sure the software was detecting me correctly, and then I walked, did an easy run and then a tempo run. At one point, they asked me to lengthen my stride, which was fine for about a minute, and then I had to ask permission to go back to my normal short stride. 

(Seriously, don't these guys know how distance runners run??? lol). 

I'm supposed to get the results back by the end of this week. I'm pretty excited to find out how I'm running. 

Oh, and when we were done with the gait analysis, I got some ART. Tom's the bomb at ART. 
Seriously. Anyone in the KC area who has chronic soft tissue issues, you should come see Tom. Email him and tell him his favorite patient sent you: 

PS - this took me much longer than necessary to write because E.T. was on and Jeff was being particularly cute. 

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