Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is coming!!!

It's chilly in the mornings - I need pants & a jacket when I take Jeff out in the wee hours.

I'm pretty excited. Fall is quite lovely after the hot summers in Kansas.

In celebration, here are a few things I love about fall:

  • Yoga pants (they make my butt look great)
  • Long sleeve running t-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • My super awesome slippers
  • The Twin Cities Marathon
  • Running capris (I feel so fast in them)
  • Knee-high boots 
  • Everything becomes pumpkin flavored
  • Crunchy leaves
  • Running is insanely easy after a hot summer

As soon as I post this, I will probably think of 10 more things I love about fall.
Honestly, this is why I stay in the Mid-west: the seasons, seeing changes, having a different environment for a little bit, knowing that even when I'm complaining, there will be another change soon enough. I'm sure places like Southern California or Hawaii are nice. Amazing, most likely. Me? I like a little change every now and then. I'm almost positive that after awhile, all that sunshine would get to me.


  1. Hey lady, I can now comment on your blogs. Although I am loving the cooler running temps, I hate the end of summer. Fall is a great season but it is like Sunday afternoon, you know Monday (winter) is coming fast.

    Dee Anna

    1. Woo-hoo for commenting! I typically just ignore Monday until it arrives like a smack in the face.

  2. Becky (Philly Run-atic)September 13, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    I hate being cold but I don't mind Winter - if for no other reason than it makes you appreciate the change of seasons all the more (seriously - is there any better feeling than that first day you can wear a sundress again?? you would totally lose that if you had warm weather year round).

  3. How about the best apples of the year? And the beautiful fall colors. And don't forget football......if you are into that sport.
    I like the list. Kind of daydreaming about the yoga pants though :)