Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Omaha 10K RR ... from inside Eliz83's head

Saturday, September 25 11:00pm

Wow. That pasta and everyotherkindoffoodimaginable party with the family was awesome. I can’t believe how many people actually came. I’m so happy. Ok, lets get everything ready for the morning.
Green t-shirt with race number pinned on: check
Sports bra: check
Favorite underwear to run in: check
Running capris: check
Favorite socks to run in: check
Brooks: check
RoadID: check
Timex: check
Timing chip …. Timing chip?? TIMING CHIP???? WHERE IS MY TIMING CHIP???????
(mild panic ensuing)
Calm down. Read the instructions. “No need to take timing chip off of race bib”. Oh. Wait. What? Huh. There it is on the back of the bib. Ok. Good night.

Sunday, September 26, 5:15 am

Oh goodness, it’s early. No, you can’t hit snooze. Get up. Wash face. Ok now I’m a little more awake. Waiiiit a minute. It’s race day! Yay!

Hmm … what does my uncle have in his cabinets that would make good pre-10K food? Peanut butter and toast would be good. Nope. No bread. Oatmeal. Yum. YUM! Right. Water. Don’t forget that. Leave bag by Mom’s purse with note … done.
Ok, and there are Cuz1-4 pulling in to pick me up. Morning.

Sigh. Traffic. Oh well, we will get there before the start. Cuz2 please stop trying to tell Cuz3 where to go to avoid traffic. He’s going to kick your behind when we park the car.

Brrr …. It’s a chilly morning. Wow. Those are long lines for the porta potties. Look! Cuz5! Yay! Everyone is wearing green so far!!! Sweet.
Hey! Cuz6’s wife. Wait, where’s Cuz6? I don’t see him. Oh good, Cuz5 sees him. Yay! Picture! Ok. Yes! There are 5 of us starting together. Fun!!!!
And there’s the gun … … … … … … … and here we stand. Yay! Now we’re going! Look at us! We’re runners.

Ok, see ya Cuz3-5! You are going too fast for Cuz6 and I we’ll just hang out here.
Wow. This is so great. The weather is perfect. The whole family is out here, on the course together. This has never happened before!!!

Look! Cheering section #1! Yay! Hi! This is fun! You guys are great spectators!
Whoa Cuz6, you are going a bit faster than I want to go, but I’ll try to keep up … yeah. This isn’t working. You want to go faster than me so you should. Good luck! See you at the finish.

Water! Oops. Gatorade. Well, that will work. Hey! Cheer section #2! Hi Momma! Hi Pappa! Hi rest of family! Yay! You make me feel like a million bucks!!!

… and then there was one. I suppose I’m bringing up the rear. I hope no one is disappointed. I guess I could have tried to run with Cuz6. I mean, it is only for 6 miles and since there aren’t any regular mile markers, I don’t really know how fast he was going. Maybe he was going slower than 10mms and I can totally do that for 6 miles. It would be pushing myself nearly to my limit, but that’s ok. Right? Oh man, should I speed up now?
ELIZ STOP IT! You are doing just fine. You’ve found your stride and stick with that. Why are you so worried about what people are thinking? They are runners. They understand everyone has their own pace. They’ve got theirs, you’ve got yours. So you’re just fine.
Self, you are right. I am just fine. I feel amazing right now, what have I got to be worried about? I mean, I’m running! I can run! I have the ability and health to run 6.2 miles today. Yay me!

Wow, that saxophonist can play jazz beautifully this early in the morning. That’s so great he got up to play for us! Aw, that man was so nice for stopping to walk with that woman even though she told him to keep going. Look! Friends dressed alike. Sigh. I miss my Minnesota running friends.

Is that Cuz3 walking ahead of me? Why yes it is. Not ready to start running again? Sure I’ll walk with you. This race was about brining family together, after all. I’m seriously so glad you decided to run your first race with us! Ready now? Ok, let’s go!
Walking again? Mind if I keep on? Ok, see you at the finish!

A mile marker! Yay! Mile 4 … and I’m at 43:change? Really? Is this thing right? I’m not that fast. Oh well … I’m having fun now! Hey! Cheering sections! Hi!!!! You guys are amazing! This just makes my heart feel like it’s the size of Texas!!! I feel so happy right now, I can hardly stand it! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I’m so close! Time to speed up a bit. That’s right, I’m gonna pass you …. And you … Yeah. You’re faster. I’ll let you pass me. And then I’ll pass you …. And you … and yes. Even you. Haha! I’m getting you all! Why? Because I’m awesome and I got 8 of my cousins to come run a race with me, that’s why. And then I got 10 other relatives to stand in the chilly September morning with cameras and flip video cameras just to see me (and 8 others) trot by!

Turn off time! Ok, now I’m really taking prisoners. Yup. You … and you … and the two of you … Hey Cuz1! Wait for Cuz3 and run in with him – he needs it more than me, I’m sure! More speed … and I’ll pass you … maybe not … maybe … maybe not …
“You’re not gonna let an old guy like me beat you are ya?”

Haha. NO! See ya! evil grin
Hi Cuz’s that have already finished! Yeah! High fives all around! What’s that? A hottie is waiting for me at the finish?!?! Heck yes!!!! AAANNNDD … we’re done!
Wait. What does my watch say? 63:36??? Are you kidding me????? That’s way under 66 mins! Woo-hoo!!!!

my finishing video:

Hello, good-looking. I do like a man in uniform. And the fact that you’re a Marine and you’re in your dress blues and you’re putting a medal around my neck right now makes me a little giggly. Ps – thanks for protecting us!

Mmmmm … bagels. Mmmmmm …. Chocolate milk.
I’m awesome.

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