Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A WRR with pics!

Goodness. I don’t even know where to begin, because this weekend wasn’t just a race, it was an amazing weekend with my family – family that normally I only see at weddings and funerals. So really, I have to write about the before, during, and after … so while I'm waiting for pictures, I'll write a quick WRR (weekend race review) of the LWW Cousin Run.

side note: ‘LWW’ is the first initials of the last names of the 3 families that are all related; the official Facebook event used the actual names, but you all understand the reasons for truncation. :)

Anyway, the LWW Cousin Run kicked off Saturday night with an amazing dinner/party at one of the cousin’s house in Omaha. It was so nice of them to host this party, because I didn’t even ask – they volunteered! We ate, laughed, took lots of pictures and my uncle, who is a priest, said a blessing for all of the runners. We also did a kids run since the Omaha Marathon doesn’t have one. The kids ran about a 400 meter loop twice around the lot across the street and one of my cousins (Cuz1) had made finisher medals for the kids – the medals even had the track symbol on them! One of the kids was so excited he didn’t take his medal off the entire night – and the kid’s race was before we ate!

Fast-forward to Sunday morning. I get up, I run, I have an amazing time, there are lots of pictures (I'll even have to add ones here later) and I finish beautifully! I smash both goals I had (time: 66 mins and place: top half in age group). I'll get those details to you later.

After all of the cousins had finished and we met up with part of our cheering section, we relished in our collective awesomeness and took more pictures. I seriously could not have had a better time and everyone commented on how I was so happy and cheerful every time they saw me running by. But seriously, on a morning like that, I had no reason to be unhappy, so I just shrugged and said I was having a ball. To top it all off, Cuz1 placed 2nd in her age group and Cuz2 placed 1st in hers!! That’s right, the LWW Cousins are a force to be reckoned with! When we finally left the race, we headed to a local bakery to pick up Cinnamon and Pecan rolls, and went back to our Uncle’s house to relax and have breakfast.

It was the most delicious breakfast ever … again, with more food than necessary and even some beer. I was so bummed to have to leave in the early afternoon. I hadn’t had that much fun with family in a long time. Perhaps the best part was Cuz3 is totally going to do another race! We’ve got another hooked!!!

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